lightbox gallery thumb test

Images are placeholders only – credits HERE
2 Lightboxes active – see bottom of page.
FolderGallery, show 1st thumb.
NextGenGallery, no lightbox

[foldergallery folder="wp-content/gallery/gallery2" title="Polycount. Click below for full size images." width=500 height=350 border=1 padding=2 margin=10 thumbnails=1]

[nggallery id=2]

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FolderGallery, show 2nd thumb.[foldergallery folder="wp-content/gallery/gallery2" title="Polycount" width=500 height=350 border=1 padding=2 margin=10 thumbnails=2]

FolderGallery, show 3rd thumb.[foldergallery folder="wp-content/gallery/gallery2" title="Polycount" width=500 height=350 border=1 padding=2 margin=10 thumbnails=3]



Folder Gallery lightbox ACTIVATED. Simple Lightbox ACTIVATED. Both are activated so that the single thumbnails at the bottom of the page open a different linked image in a lightbox. Together, Folder Gallery and Simple Lightbox will bring up two lightboxes as Simple Lightbox activates on all images.

HOWEVER! Simple Lightbox does not group into galleries (the point of Folder Gallery)




A: Is there a way to open the Folder Gallery lightbox gallery from a thumb which is not in the gallery? The small thumbs above link to an attachment page that gets picked up by Simple Lightbox. The folders are arranged by Next Gen Gallery. I’ve tried inserting a thumb into the same folder and excluding from NextGen’s gallery playback but that doesn’t work.

B: Is there a way to remove the title underneath galleries?

C: Can Folder Gallery thums be aligned as with standard images in posts. Either for for wrap around text or to have two gallery thumbs side by side opn a page (see small thumbs above)

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